Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About your host.

I started playing pre-BC, though I did not raid then. At present I have 3 70's and will likely have a 4th before the expansion, raiding everywhere from Karazhan to Black Temple. I play both Alliance and Horde, though I tend to play Alliance more as my raiding there is better progressed. I concentrate more on PvE aspects of the game, as well as social aspects, and do play occasionally on an RP server.

Aside from that, I work in IT and write on a freelance basis.

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The Top Ten Most Disturbing Quests.

In a game centered around killing people for money, experience, and honor, there's not much that's REALLY that disturbing. But there are a few quests out there that are a little weirder than most. And yes, I fully expect new disturbing quests with the advent of Death Knights, but for now here's what the denizens of Azeroth and Outland have had to deal with.

10. Arelion's Journal questline (Hellfire Peninsula, Horde Only). "Carinda's Scroll of Retribution Use: Unleashes spell prepared by Magistrix Carinda for Viera Sunwhisper. Cannot possibly be pretty."

9. Dreadsteed of Xoroth (Dire Maul, Feralas, Warlock Only). Along with being a bugger of a quest to complete, the fact that you're basically opening a portal to a demonic dimension...ah, screw it, You're a warlock. You've done worse. Don't be surprised when that draenei paladin in your party loses it, though.

8. The Demonaic Scryer (Hellfire Peninsula, Horde Only). At least it thanks you politely for allowing yourself to be possessed.

7. Lord Illidan Stormrage (Shadowmoon Valley, Netherwing Exalted). Oh boy! I got all those crystals and threw all those booterangs and collected all those eggs, but now I can get my netherdrake! Hooray! Okay, Taskmaster, give me my netherdrake! I what? What was that? Who? OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT

6. Tarren Mill (Hillsbard Foothills, Horde Only). Elixir of Whatever, Helcular's Revenge, take your pick. The Royal Apothecary Society lays down a large number of insanely twisted quests in their desire to destroy all humans. But isn't that what Ganksbrad is really about?

5. Call The Headless Horseman (Scarlet Monastery Graveyard, Seasonal). LOL IM 70 QUESTS ARNT CREEPY LOLLL HE DROPS PHAT LWETZ No no, stop and think about this one. You're calling up a dead guy from his grave. Fucking necromancer.

4. The Exorcism of Colonel Jules (Hellfire Peninsula, Alliance Only). Colonel Jules is possessed by some pretty nasty things--this much is evident by the line he says to you if you speak to him outside of the quest: "Be gone, ! Leave us be, or we will enter you next and show you true despair!" Once you begin the quest, the room is filled with "fiends" which appear as black and green floating skulls...and Colonel Jules himself bounces around the room spewing green stuff.

3. Pamela's Doll (Eastern Plaguelands). Fair warning: Don't do this quest if you have heart problems.

2. Hearts of the Pure (Undercity, Horde Warlock Only). When a young Forsaken of Blood Elf warlock wants to summon a succubus, they learn that their masters don't mess around. Godrick Farsan laughs maniacally as he describes the noble and pure-hearted men that he wants you to kill before you can get your new pet.

1. Doctor Theoloen Krastinov, The Butcher (Western Plaguelands, Scholomance). The quest itself is a standard enter-dungeon-kill-boss type. Eva Sarkhoff's story, which you must listen to before accepting the quest, is the real horror here, and possibly the most twisted writing in the entire game. "There are things in this world far more restraining than bars and shackles..."